Retaining Walls and Block Structures

Adding a retaining wall to you outdoor living space is a great way to clean up a steep incline, elevate a patio, or even add a decorative touch to your planting beds.

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Turf World Co. uses a variety of different manufactured concrete blocks such as Versa-Lok, Unilock, and Belegard to create unique projects for our clients.

The first step of any retaining wall or block installation is setting the base course.  This step is crucial and could never be over looked or cheated. The bottom line is that no matter what type of block you install or how how much of it you install a year, it all depends on how the base level is laid.  If you do not have proper base and drainage behind a wall, it will only be a matter of time before it begins to fail and eventually fall over.  At Turf World Co. we pride our self on taking our time ensuring that the finish product surpasses your expectations and will stand up to the test of time.  Our philosophy is simple, haste makes waste, and when you rush to build a project you are more likely to make errors rather than if you were to take your time and ensure the installation is correct.

At Turf World Co., we like to take a creative approach to retaining walls and building with concrete block.  We like to make everything flow with the other aspects of your property and create a hardscape you would see in magazine.  We have the ability to create steps, columns, borders, bench walls, planter boxes and retaining walls out of the same block.  When you use the same type of block through out your project it gives it a clean professional look.

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