Decks, Pergolas and Gazebos

Adding a Deck or Structure such as a Gazebo or Pergola to you property is a great way to add flair to your existing landscape or incorporate a unique layer to your upcoming landscape design build project.

Turf World Co. has built hundreds of decks and outdoor structures since 1982

All of our decks and structures are custom, and are designed to compliment your home or office.  We have the ability to construct you a deck of any shape or size and also include different elevation levels.

The flooring on the decks or structures can be constructed of traditional wood such as pressure treated pine, cedar, or teak or a composite material comprised of wood and plastic such as Trex or Timber Tech.  The composited materials are low maintenance and are manufactured so that they never split, crack or splinter like natural materials sometimes do

Considering a Deck, Pergola, or Gazebo?

With composite materials you never have to worry about staining or sealing it to preserve the color and it is also rot and insect resistant.  Composite materials typically cost more initially that natural materials but, in the long run they are sustainable option for your deck.

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