What Fabric Shade Sail To Choose

There is a lot of choices today when it comes to Shade Sails. Between color and fabric, the options are endless. So lets figure out which option will be best for you

Choosing an option is a huge investment decision. You do not want to make a choice you’ll regret so often times it’s best to seek professional help so we can guide you to make a solid informed decision.

Identifying Your Need

Ask yourself these questions first when deciding the need of the shade sail

  • Location of the shade sail
  • Time frame of when you want the project completed
  • Where does the sun rise and set in relation to your yard
  • How much do you want to cover with the shade sail
  • Are you protecting people or cars from UV rays with the shade sail

Planning the Installation of the Shade Sail

There are many different ways to install a shade sail. Will you decide to fix it to a free standing post, or are you going to connect it to a corner of your house or building. If you are having the shade sail cover your cars, you need to install it at a sharper angle so water can easily runoff. Using a shade sail with a higher GSM is a good choice if you plan on roofing any other outdoor structure. It’s best to consult with us through a quote and we can run through all of the options you have. We’ve seen everything already.

Maintaining Shade Sails

When choosing what fabric you should use, a huge consideration should be how much maintenance you plan on putting into the project. Certain fabrics are much easier to maintain than others, but those come with a cost associated so weigh your options and make an informed choice.

When doing a project like this, It is smart to make an informed decision. We are here to make sure you are not overwhelmed. Get in touch today to schedule a quote and go over all of your shade sail options!